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Create Connections with the World Through Energy

Based in two fast-growing Southeast Asian countries, we support the development of lifestyles and industries in each country. We take full advantage of the strengths we have cultivated in Japan to develop our business in accordance with the market characteristics of each country and region. With our strong network, we also support companies in Japan to make transactions with Japanese companies overseas.

Malaysia Vietnam


We provide industrial energy, petrochemical products, biomass fuels, and other products throughout Malaysia and Singapore, as well as in Japan. Biomass fuels are manufactured in Malaysia and exported mainly to power plants in Japan; it also contributes to the strengthening of sustainable energy businesses.


We are engaged in the business of industrial lubricants and energy solutions across Vietnam. Vietnam is attracting a great deal of attention from around the world, yet the development of logistics and transportation infrastructure remains a major issue for the country. Our group proposes solutions and value creation through industrial lubricants.