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Support Your Daily Life with Our Local-Oriented Service Stations

Our service stations, under the ENEOS brand, are deployed in most major cities. We create added value as a platform for providing community-based mobility services and lifestyle support. We are dedicated to training our staff, including nationally certified automobile mechanics, to provide fulfilling services to our customers along with safety.

Mobility Services & Lifestyle Support SS Partnership

Mobility Services & Lifestyle Support

Car Wash & Coatings

We help you maintain the shine and cleanliness of your car, inside and outside, for your comfortable driving experience. According to your budget and the condition of your car, our staff with outstanding skills will propose the most suitable car wash and coating from our extensive menu.

Automobile Inspection

Focusing on the training of nationally certified auto mechanics, we have established a maintenance environment that ensures a safe driving experience. We make sure to provide high quality maintenance with our in-house factories designated or certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and other facilities.


Scratches and dents are fixed by our experienced technicians at our in-house repair center, following a standardized flow of processes, paint quantities, and procedures. You can expect a natural finish at a low price with our systematic service.

Sales, Leasing & Rental of Cars

Utilizing our expertise in supporting people' s driving experiences through our service stations, we offer mobility to your lifestyle with a variety of services and plans to meet the diversifying needs: car procurement, sales, rental, maintenance, and even helping selling your car.


We cover a variety of insurance, including automobile insurance. Our staff, who are well versed in mobility, will provide friendly consultations and propose the most suitable coverage.

Community Contribution & Disaster Countermeasures

We regularly conduct educational activities to prevent traffic accidents through basic inspection services such as air pressure and batteries. Furthermore, we are always prepared for the frequent natural disasters by equipping our service stations with their own power generation systems to provide fuel to local residents in case of power outages due to disasters.

SS Partnership

We have partnerships with many ENEOS brand service station operators. We support service station operations by providing products and solutions; improving their service quality including car wash, automobile inspection, insurance, and tires; reinforcing their sales skills; and introducing new businesses. Through various training sessions and networking events, we support our partners to share information and communicate with each other in order to strengthen the network.