Nissin Shoji Co., Ltd.

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NISSIN SHOJI was established in 1950, when it split off from the trading division of NISSIN CORPORATION, to engage in the sale of petroleum products. Since then, we have expanded the scope of our petroleum business, including the sale of liquefied petroleum gas and petrochemicals, and the expansion of our service station network, to support postwar Japan. Over the years, our business has grown to include real estate, sustainable energy, agriculture, and overseas markets by embracing change in society.

I believe those are the result of our continuous efforts to challenge new things and make progress every day, as expressed in our corporate message—Every day is a new day. This concept, the origin of our name NISSIN SHOJI, is and will be cherished in our company as it always has been.

Today, the energy industry is undergoing a period of change, which is the necessary flow of the times. We will take this change as a chance to review the current situation and turn it into a positive opportunity. Keeping a close eye on trends in next-generation energy, especially sustainable energy, we will maintain our current business structure to respond to the change with agility.

Face-to-face communication tends to lack while digitalization is promoted these days; this environment makes it easy to lose sight of the essentials. With our sincerity, harmony and trust, we will meet the needs of our customers and society by redefining the sense of purpose and grasping the essentials for a better action.

Placing our trust in the power of energy to move things, we will stand by the hearts of all to strive towards a future where we can all smile together. At NISSIN SHOJI, We are dedicated to working together as one in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Hiroaki Tsutsui