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Our Policy Materiality

Our Policy

We will stand by the hearts of all, and strive towards a future where we can all smile together. — Based on this corporate philosophy, we are committed to our business with the aim of creating a better future by bringing prosperity into people's lives with the power of energy to move things.

By integrating our responsibility for environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our business activities, we strive to resolve social issues through our business, contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, and pursue sustainable enhancement of corporate value.

Corporate Philosophy

It is the basic policy we value the most and should serve as a standard for decision making and action.
It expresses our determination to continue to create "new" value by embracing environmental changes.

Long-Term Vision

It represents what NISSIN SHOJI GROUP aims to be, based on our corporate philosophy as a guiding principle.

Mid-Term Management Plan

It is a set of specific goals for the realization of our long-term vision.


Materiality Identification Steps

Investigation of Issues

Making a comprehensive list of social issues that should be taken into consideration in the pursuit of sustainable growth, referring to various international guideline

Identification of Materiality

Extracting issues that are of high importance to both stakeholders and us from the listed social issues

Expert Interviews

Finalizing the materiality of the extracted issues of high importance after consultation with outside directors and the Board of Directors to ensure reliability and objectivity


Materiality Problem Solving & Value Creation Goals Range of Influence Relevance to SDGs
Sustainable Energy
Generating Clean Energy &
Reducing CO2 Emissions
  • Promoting CO2 emissions reduction by selling and operating solar power station
  • Generating energy by installing solar power equipment on the roofs of our service stations
  • Pursuing energy efficiency by considering the use of renewable energy sources
Developing & Supplying
Biomass Fuel
  • Contributing to carbon neutrality by supplying biomass fuels
Global Environment
Reducing GHG emissions
  • Reducing GHG emissions by installing gasoline vapor recovery system at all service stations
  • Contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by providing environmentally friendly products
  • Increasing our real estate value by installing energy-efficient equipment in our buildings
Strengthening disaster
  • Implementing disaster mitigation efforts by taking proactive measures such as in-house training and education
Intimacy with Community Evolving our service station
business into a platform
  • Building relationships with stakeholders by participating in the local community
  • Providing better services to consumers by combining energy and services
  • Assisting stakeholders by strengthening support for partner companies
Improving work style by
increasing delivery efficiency
  • Contributing to the improvement of work style by providing tank level monitoring system and other products
Procuring biomass fuel
  • Establishing a system to stably supply biomass fuels at a reasonable price and quality
  • Considering human rights, labor, safety, sanitation, the environment, etc. when procuring materials
Promoting a proper perception
of our service
  • Conducting activities to raise stakeholder awareness
  • Promoting a proper perception of our company through internal and external PR activities
Increasing our real estate value
  • Providing sharing services, revitalizing resident communities
  • Increasing our real estate value by considering building materials and disaster countermeasures
Trusted Governance &
Work Environment
Enhancing group governance
  • Strengthening Corporate Governance
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Strengthening risk management
Improving the work environment
(promoting work style reform)
  • Promoting work style reform such as work-life balance and tele-working
  • Enhancing the environment including benefits and systems for women's empowerment
  • Improving work efficiency by proactively utilizing information technology
Ensuring diversity and human
resource development
  • Enhancing the promotion of diverse human resources including women, foreign nationals and mid-career hires to executive positions
  • Providing education to deepen understanding of diversity
  • Strengthening investment in human capital by enhancing stratified education