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Support High Value-Added Manufacturing with Raw Materials Widely Used in Everyday Products

We support industries and businesses in Japan and overseas in terms of raw materials, such as plastic bags that are necessary for our daily lives, packaging materials that protect goods from harsh transportation environments, and materials that meet the strict quality and cost requirement for industrial products. Using environmentally friendly materials, we propose products that meet the various needs that keep changing with the times.

Synthetic Resin Raw Materials Packaging Materials Nonwoven Fabric Materials Reflective Materials

Synthetic Resin Raw Materials

We support the manufacturing industry to increase their added value through our proposals related to the supply, development, and processing of synthetic resin raw materials, which are used as polymer materials in a variety of industrial products. Depending on their performance and cost, we handle a wide range of thermoplastic resins, from general-purpose resins to engineering resins. Our thermosetting resins also include epoxy resins and other products, depending on their properties and performance.

Packaging Materials

We provide optimal solutions to protect your goods in a variety of transportation environments. As an expert in specialty chemicals, we add value to the entire logistics process through our packaging materials, such as temperature-controlled logistics by proposing the most suitable cold/heat-insulated containers for food, sheet pallet system to improve loading efficiency and reduce working hours, and special inner bags for liquid transportation to reduce cleaning costs when reusing cargo containers.

Nonwoven Fabric Materials

Our main product WARIFU®, a cross laminated polyolefin open mesh nonwoven, and MIRAIFU®, a high performance laminated fabric, have not only strong durability due to their unique structure, but also high processability and various expressive abilities. They have a wide range of applications, from construction materials and industrial products to clothing, in addition to packaging materials. Utilizing these characteristics, we support your product development by reinforcing other materials and improving physical properties, and propose new possibilities in various fields.

Reflective Materials

Using ORALITE®a global brand of retroreflective materials, we support your business in terms of safety and visibility. We offer total support, from grade selection to cutting processing, to increase the visibility of vehicles, signboards, and traffic signs in various applications, including traffic safety and sign graphics. ORALITE®complies with major international and domestic specifications, and contributes to the realization of a safe world with its high visibility.

ORALITE® is registered trademarks of ORAFOL Europe GmbH.