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Support Agriculture in and out of Japan with Better Productivity

We create new value in agricultural materials by utilizing our expertise in the petrochemical products. Not only do we offer agricultural covering sheets and other materials, but we also coordinate the entire greenhouse facilities for higher yield and quality.

Covering Materials Photosynthetic Efficiency Improving Device Facilities

Covering Materials

MEIRYO(BerryCool®): Agricultural Covering Material

As the material efficiently reflects the infrared rays of sunlight, the heat source, it allows as much visible light as possible to pass through, which is necessary for photosynthesis, while suppressing temperature rise inside the greenhouse.


  • UV resistance and excellent durability.
  • No elongation or shrinkage. Stable shape even during processing.


  • Covering materials on greenhouses.
  • Interior screens in greenhouses.
Materials Shading Rate (%) Width (mm) Length (m)
WARIFU MEIRYO 20 20 1000 or 2100 100
MEIRYO(BerryCool®) catalog

WARIFU®: Agricultural Covering Material

It is a highly versatile net-like polyethylene nonwoven fabric. They are available in four types: White, Black, Silver, and Root-Control. Each type has different specialized characteristics, so you can choose the one that best suits your crops and the season.


  • Moderate hydrophobicity for rain protection.
  • Mesh-shaped fabric to prevent entry of pests.
  • Windproof function for heat retention.


  • Row Coverings for open-field culture.
  • Covering materials on greenhouses.
  • Sheets for Lawn protection.
Materials Shading Rate (%) Width (mm) Length (m)
1000 1200 1400 1500 1800 2100 2300 2700 3000
WARIFU (White) Approximately 5 - - 100
WARIFU (Black) Approximately 50 - - - - -
WARIFU (Silver) Approximately 45 - - - - - - -
WARIFU (Root-Control) - - - - - - - 50
WARIFU® catalog

ROUND COOL: Heat Shielding Covering Material for Tunnel Cultivation

It is a heat shielding covering material for tunnel cultivation using MEIRYO(BerryCool®). While reflecting the infrared rays of sunlight, the heat source, it allows as much visible light as possible to pass through to maintain brightness, thus preventing the inhibition of photosynthesis in crops.


  • Efficient reflection of infrared rays to suppress temperature rise of leaf and soil.
  • Mesh-shaped fabric to prevent pest infestation.


  • Heat Shielding Covering Materials for Tunnel Cultivation.
Materials Shading Rate (%) Width (mm) Length (m)
1000 1200 1400 1500 1800 2100 2300 2700 3000
Round Cool catalog

NUKUNUKU: Heat-Retention Material

The covering material is reinforced by sandwiching a special heat-retaining nonwoven fabric with WARIFU®, promising dehumidifying and heat-retaining effects. Using WARIFU®, it is highly durable and does not shrink easily even when it absorbs moisture.


  • Three-layered structure with heat-retaining nonwoven fabric sandwiched with WARIFU®.
  • High heat retention due to its infrared-absorbing ability.
  • Fine fibers of the nonwoven fabric to prevent pest infestation.


  • Covering materials for tunnel cultivation.
  • Interior screens in greenhouses.
Materials Width (mm) Length (m)
2000 2500 3000
NUKUNUKU catalog

TERUTERU: Reflective Material

It is an irregular reflection sheet made by thermo-compression bonding of WARIFU® and synthetic paper made of ultra-fine fibers. The special fiber structure achieves high reflection performance and infrared shielding effect. Since it reflects sunlight irregularly, it also has the effect of preventing uneven color and leaf burn.


  • Improvement of growth and coloration by its high reflection.
  • Prevention of uneven color and leaf burn by its irregular reflection.
  • Suppression of soil temperature rise by blocking infrared rays.


  • Row Coverings.
  • Mulching materials for vegetables and deciduous fruit trees.
  • Prevention of pests infestation.
Materials Width (mm) Length (m)
650 1300
TERUTERU with Holes
(Hole diameter 6mm, Hole pitch 20cm)
TERUTERU catalog

Photosynthetic Efficiency Improving Device

CONDUCTOR: Photosynthetic Efficiency Improving Device

Measuring illuminance, CO2, humidity, temperature, and wind in the greenhouse, the system controls efficiency of CO2 air and photosynthesis using light. Data management is also available as it is equipped with the technology of CO2 controller BREATH.


  • Reduction of operating costs by controlling the device in each area individually.
  • Customizable device according to requests including light color and angle.
  • Grasp of the whole environment in greenhouses by receiving information from many sensors wirelessly.

OCES-200S: CO2 Controller

The sensor box installed in the greenhouse constantly monitors CO2 and controls efficient spraying. The device applies an appropriate amount of CO2 in each area effectively, promising stable and active photosynthesis without being affected by the opening and closing of skylights and ventilation.


  • Effective spraying of CO2 to improve the growth of vegetables and fruit trees.
  • Huge reduction of operating costs by utilizing it locally, instead of the whole greenhouse.
  • Clean indoor environment with no temperature rise by using liquid CO2 cylinders.


  • Open field cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, CO2 spraying in plant factories.
OCES-200S catalog



We offer durable and efficient greenhouses to meet your needs.

Types of Greenhouse Characteristics Image
Steel-Framed House
  • Steel-frame structure
  • Well-lighted room with wide ceilings and frontage
  • Durable and resistant to snow and wind
  • Pipe-framed house reinforced with steel frame for cost containment
  • More durable than pipe-framed house
  • Lightweight, easy-to-assemble, well-lighted, arched frame house with excellent wind and snow resistance and performance
Pipe-Framed House
  • Low-cost house with short construction period
  • Various installation shapes to suit the region and application
Standard Specifications Type 1 Type 2
Arch Frame 22.2Φ×1.2mm (At intervals of 45cm) 25.4Φ×1.2mm (At intervals of 45cm)
Subsidence Prevention Pile 48.6Φ×2.3mm 48.6Φ×2.3mm
Frontage Width (W) 4.5m, 5.4m, 6.0m
Eave Height (H) 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m
Foundation Base Intervals (L) At intervals of approximately 2.0m or 2.5m
Greenhouse catalog


We conduct an elevated strawberry cultivation experiment using our SMART AGRI SYSTEM with our partner farmers. Our hybrid panels simultaneously generate power and supply hot water in our solar power facility. The generated electric energy is stored to supply electricity to lighting and air conditioning. Furthermore, the antifreeze heated by thermal energy is stored in a hot water tank to warm the culture base. Our facility includes many features: MEIRYO(BerryCool®), NUKUNUKU, and hoses crawling along the seedlings to bring in CO2 directly for active photosynthesis.

Examples of Elevated Strawberry Cultivation Installation

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