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About Us

From yesterday to today and into tomorrow... time continues to flow, pushing us forward with increasing speed. But even in these fast-moving times, the newest day is always today.

Every day is a new day this is the motto that has been incorporated into our company name, NISSIN SHOJI.

Since our establishment in 1950, we have supported society with energy and its power to move things, and we strive to offer new value that move people’s hearts. In response to the diversifying needs of society, our field of work has expanded beyond the energy industry into businesses for everyday life.

We will continue to pursue ideas that help enrich people’s lives and improve our society and our future. At NISSIN SHOJI, every day is a new day - and we will continue to greet each day with a renewed sense of purpose.

Corporate Philosophy

Placing our trust in the power of energy to move things
we help sustain the connections between people and society.
Our goal is to create new ways tohelp society by embracing change.

We will stand by the hearts of all, and strive towards a futurewhere we can all smile together.

Corporate Message

every day is a new day.

The name of our company expresses our desire to think freely, unconstrained by the conventional wisdom of the past.
It is filled with the idea that, “every day is a new day,” and that we want to give a rise to developments that will open up the future. This motto, from the origin of our company name, is reflected in our corporate message.

Corporate Logo

nissin shoji

The "ss" in the center of "nissin" stands for "service station" that provides services across all of our businesses.
The green color has been chosen to show our awareness of the environment and sustainability.