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The Founding of NISSIN SHOJI Expansion of our Business Business Diversification and International Expansion Toward a Sustainable Society

The Founding of NISSIN SHOJI

Our business started on February 1, 1950, when it split off from the trading division of NISSIN CORPORATION, the former NISSIN TRANSPORTATION & WAREHOUSING Co., Ltd. which was engaged in the sale of petroleum products. Focusing on energy demand during the post-war reconstruction period, we established the company in Yokohama, Kanagawa, with the business objective of selling general petroleum products and by-products.

With our first oil terminal located in Tsurumi-ward, we began selling petroleum products throughout the Keihin area to support the recovery of Japan. In the following year, we launched our first service station, the Kinko service station, in Kanagawa-ward to sell automotive fuels, creating a core business that continues to this day.

Expansion of our Business

During the period of high economic growth, we expanded the scope of our petroleum business, including liquefied petroleum gas and petrochemical products, as well as our network of service stations, in response to the strong demand for energy. Back then, we were known as "Nissin the Black" as we mainly handled black oil such as crude oil used in power plants and factories.

In the oil crisis of the 1970s, we devoted ourselves to fulfilling our responsibility to supply energy to consumers. Since then, we have also strengthened our handling of white oil such as gasoline, kerosene, and diesel oil. By establishing branch offices and service stations in various parts of Japan to facilitate sales activities, we have been supporting people's lives and social connections.

Business Diversification and International Expansion

In 1993, as a commemorative project for the 40th anniversary, we completed the construction of BAYFRONT YOKOHAMA, our company-owned building, on the site of the former Kinko SS; we began to develop our real estate business in earnest. Including the launch of our rental apartment brand EDIAN series, it has grown into a highly stable business.

Furthermore, our petroleum business, which is our core area, has expanded into the fast-growing Asian market to support the lives of more people, based on the experience we have cultivated in Japan. We have established NISTRADE (M) SDN. BHD. and other local subsidiaries in Malaysia, Vietnam to strengthen our network.

Toward a Sustainable Society

Today, various risks related to economic, social, and environmental issues are becoming much more apparent, and companies are required to take comprehensive measures to solve social issues through their business activities.

As environmental problems become more serious on a global scale, we are committed to sustainable energy initiatives to meet the demand for new clean energy: the sale of solar power equipment; the sale of electricity from our own power plant, the NSM SUWA SOLAR POWER STATION, and the production and sale of biomass fuels. We have also expanded into the agricultural field, providing support for improving crop productivity and investing in automated plant factories.

Placing our trust in the power of energy to move things, Nissin Shoji Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by responding to the diversifying needs of society and expanding its business to create new value by maximizing the use of its management resources, including the enhancement of mobility services and the development and provision of energy.