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Bring Warmth to Your Life Through Eco-Friendly Energy

LPG, liquefied petroleum gas, is an energy source with a low environmental impact, emitting less CO2 than any other fossil fuels and producing almost no substances that have a negative impact on the environment. Our company has a long history of dealing in LPG. In addition to supplying energy, we also provide total support: from proposals of gas-related equipment to residential and retail environments to disaster-prevention solutions.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Eco-Factory Energy Rationalization Support

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Propane Gas

It is a gas service for general homes. Please click below to learn more about the gas rates we offer.

About Our Gas Rates

Industrial Gas

We supply industrial gas widely for taxis, commercial use, and various businesses. With its high calorific value and environmentally friendly nature, LPG is indeed a good choice for industrial energy.


Water Heaters

We offer high-efficiency gas water heaters including ECO-JOZU. Boiling water efficiently with a small amount of gas makes them highly energy-efficient, meeting the need for lower operating costs.

Built-In Stoves

We offer a variety of built-in stoves, including the DELICIA and DELICIA GRiLLER, which combine design and functionality. From authentic oven cooking to simple everyday cooking, we are here to spice up your kitchen together.

Energy Rationalization Support

Industrial Boilers

We provide gas supply consulting services, such as development of applications related to boiler equipment and industrial high-pressure gas.

Fuel Transition from Heavy Oil to Propane Gas

Due to the low emission of CO2 and environmental pollutants as well as its high combustion efficiency, switching from heavy oil to propane gas can help address environmental issues and reduce fuel costs. Because we handle a wide range of fuels, from residential to industrial, we are confident in proposing the best fuel conversion for each environment.

Emergency Propane Gas Generator

Retaining the necessary power in the event of an unexpected power outage, this generator is capable of operating for approximately 100 hours on 50kg of household propane gas. We support utilities for stores and homes as well as your business continuity plan in case of disaster.